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Cheerlab Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of premium compression garments and maternity garments under I-Cheer brand. Our compression garments were designed for the patient recovering from plastic surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tuck, face lift, and breast augmentations. I-Cheer compression garments that are constructed with the highest combination of Nylon/Lycra on the market.  I-Cheer compression garments are designed to helps improve and increase blood circulation, rid your body of potentially harmful fluids, decrease your post surgery recovery time and minimize swelling. In short, they help you to recover faster.

I-Cheer Maternity Support Belt provides maximum comfort and relief for lower back pain during pregnancy while providing proven, healthy support for baby

Best Quality

We use only the best material for the best result.

Best Known

Most recommended by Thai Surgeons.

Best Result

We aim for the best result for our customers.


We do it all ourselves so we control the cost.

Reviews From Users.

iCheer Testimonials.

Be meticulous in the production process. Until the after-sales service, we dedicated effort to keep our customers satisfied. 
As a quality product delivered to our customers all over the world, here are some feedbacks from our customers.

Very good quality fabrics. Stretch and support

the proportion very well.

Mrs. Lalana Pathumpun      


At first I thought all are the same, but when

you use iCheer, I know this is the best.

Ms. Maxine Norris    


Good quality fabric. It is comfortable all day.

You must try it!

Mr. Jason Peterson